Meet Deb (right) & Claire (left), creators of Amazing Jane,  a brand creating active wear for women’s changing bodies. 



 We understand that as women get older, the way they feel about their body changes.  

Our activewear combines functionality with a fit designed with these changes in mind. 

The end result, is activewear that makes you look & feel great, giving you the confidence to move more. 



We begin our design process with YOU in mind.  

As women, we know that there are parts of our body which we aren’t always friends with, and don’t always want on show.  

We design with these areas in mind, to create activewear which covers, supports, and flatters your body.   

We source fabrics which will give good tummy control, smooth out skin tone or which will hang without cling.  

We cut our clothes to accentuate shoulders, narrow hips & lengthen legs, all whilst disguising the areas we aren’t so in love with. 



Our aim is to build confidence in women, through the power of clothing.  

We want you to not only look good but feel amazing. We want to give you the confidence to embrace the adventures that lie ahead.  

Life may be throwing changes at you, but Amazing Jane has you covered! 



We all are! The ethos of Amazing Jane is to encourage women to get into the right mindset for being active - which can often be the biggest hurdle. We do this through the psychology of Enclothed Cognition. 

This psychology is linked to the way clothing influences our mind. Wearing certain clothes has been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on your self-confidence & emotional well-being. 

When you feel positive about yourself, you are capable of positive things. 

Life is too short to be a "plain jane." 

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