We don't use models for our photoshoots, we use our amazing customers & friends because they are the
Real Women of Amazing Jane.
Photographing our customers & friends, wearing activewear we’ve designed & created ourselves is something we will never tire of.
This photoshoot was extra special for Deb, Amazing Jane co-creator, as she photographed Holly & Jennie from Club Zest Women’s Gym in Fulwell, Sunderland.
22 Years ago, after 11 years in managerial roles within the fitness industry, Deb opened her own Women’s health club.
Not long after opening, a very young Holly began work as a Saturday girl. For the next 15 years on and off, Holly was by Debs side at Zest, eventually stepping up as manager.
“It was wonderful to watch her grow from a head strong teen into a strong independent, beautiful adult.”
Then along came Jennie, a whirl of energy and ideas with a soft heart and the most beautiful, caring nature. It was a joy to work together as a team.” explained Deb.
6 years ago, after 16 years, Deb decided she had reached her personal peak with Zest. By now, Zest was a multi award winning club that she had given her heart & soul to, but it was time to move on & try something new.
Deb said “As much as I knew it was time for a change, I don’t think I could have left my baby of 16 years in the hands of just anyone. Fortunately for me, Holly had always dreamed of owning the club one day, so along with Jennie, they became the new owners of Club Zest.
They make a fantastic team & they have continued to win National awards for the service & care that Zest offers. The club has grown, they have implemented new ideas, restructured, attracted a larger audience and on top of all of that, they have successfully navigated a pandemic!
I couldn’t be prouder of them!
They had a dream, just as I had. I took the leap and when it was their time, they took it too.”
It’s a lesson in following your heart, listening to your gut and grabbing opportunities by the balls, something Deb & Claire know all about!
Here’s Holly & Jennie’s Story
We are Holly & Jennie, owners of Club Zest-a women's only health club in Sunderland. We are committed to empowering ladies by helping them increase their physical and mental health. We like to offer a laid-back atmosphere and create a friendly community of amazing women!
Jennie and I have different job roles within the business-Jennie looks after all things fitness and Holly looks after the business side of things so we like to think we are a good team!!!
5 Questions with Holly & Jennie
What does your version of active look like?
Jen- I love to exercise whether it's walking my dogs, yoga, lifting weights or
 pilates. I just love to keep my mind and body active.
Hol- Any form of moving is active to me. From playing with my boys or teaching classes, I love to move.
Where do you rank on your priority list and why?
Jen- I always prioritise work first, then my family then myself. I do however prioritise training as I like to do something every day.
Hol- My priority is my family then try to get some kind of work life balance. It's hard!
Give us a positive and negative of getting older.
Jen - Positive is that I understand my body more and accept the changes. Negative is that it gets harder and I'm definitely not as flexible as I once was.
Hol- I realise that as I get older it really is a privilege and I feel stronger now than I did in my 20s. Negatively, time seems to pass quicker so I try to appreciate everything more.
What challenges do you face when trying to remain active?
Jen- Life can get in the way, trying to balance your house, social life and work can be hard, but we make it work. 
Hol- Trying to fit everything in and not find excuses of more important things you should be doing. 
What draws you to the Amazing Jane brand?
Jen- The fit is lovely and the material is beautiful on the products.
Hol- The products and the people who run it! 

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