We don't use models for our photoshoots, we use our amazing customers & friends because they are the
Real Women of Amazing Jane.
Helen is a shining example of how to achieve a great work life balance.
Being a parent & having a career can mean feeling guilty that you sometimes put work first.
It can often mean missing important events in your children’s lives & can feel like you are constantly juggling work and family.
Sometimes, taking a leap of faith is the only way to make your “work” work for you & that is exactly what Helen did.
“After 30 years in corporate and charity marketing, the pandemic gave me the push to launch my own business; Remix Marketing, which helps online businesses grow their sales. I knew I didn’t want to grow an agency, so I only ever work with a handful of clients. I love being able to be part of their success.
One of the main motivations for deciding to work for myself was to create space for the things that matter to me. My daughter had just moved to high school and I wanted to be around for her when she needed me. It’s great being able to “yes” to the 5pm weekday badminton club and not having to stress about dental appointments every 8 weeks to get her braces adjusted.
I’ve been able to prioritise getting outside for a walk or run every day. And I do yoga class first thing on a Friday morning. I feel so much happier and healthier for being able to dedicate some time to me.
It also means I have time for projects I’m passionate about – like Happier Grey. I chose to go grey during the pandemic and I’m in the planning stages of creating a community that will encourage women to embrace the beauty of a their naturally greying hair.”
5 Questions with Helen Johnson
What does your version of active look like?
I go out for a walk or run every day and do yoga 3 - 4 times a week.
Where do you rank on your priority list and why?
Making time for myself is one of my top priorities. I've built my business in a way that allows me to balance getting great results for my clients with having time to focus on my wellness every day.
Give us a positive and negative of getting older.
I'm proud of getting older and having grey hair. I'm definitely more confident than when I was younger. In terms of negatives, we live in a society where looking young is seen as aspirational for women and choosing to age naturally isn't a choice that everyone feels comfortable with.
What challenges do you face when trying to remain active?
I have a teenage daughter and run my own business, so finding the time to be active can sometimes be difficult. I've got a couple of short Yoga workouts for days when I'm really pushed for time.
What draws you to the Amazing Jane brand?
I love the inclusivity of Amazing Jane. The way the clothes are designed with real bodies in mind, so they're flattering and functional at the same time. Plus you both have great energy.

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