We don't use models for our photoshoots, we use our amazing customers & friends because they are the

Real Women of Amazing Jane.

Meet the lovely Amy Devitt! 

Amy is the Group Events Sales Manager at Gino D'Acampo Hotels and Leisure. Amy really understands our brand and our ethos so it's always a pleasure working with her. 

She "gets" us because she IS an Amazing Jane.

"I am a full time working wife/mum  with 2 wonderful daughters and a puppy!.

My passion is creating great experiences that become memories that last a lifetime, whether it's for family and friends or customers to the business. 

I love that no 2 days are ever the same and the curve balls that the  hospitality industry can throw at you!

Juggling work and family life can be hard and sometimes you have to just mix them together, as long I feel I'm putting 100% into both and my family are happy, then I am too! 

Although it does get tiring and overwhelming at times, I wouldn't do it if I couldn't handle it and I do remind myself that rest and time for myself is super important." 

5 Questions with Amy Devitt

1. What does your version of active look like?

Active for me means being able to keep up with my kids whilst still putting 100% into my career.

2. Where do you rank on your priority list & why?

For years I was pretty low on the list…but feel myself climbing up every day!

3. Give us a positive & negative of getting older.

Positive: perspective // Negative: Time seems to go faster

4. What challenges do you face when trying to remain active?

Time is an issue for me, can never seem to find the time to have a specific allotted time so have to build it into my every day life instead.

5. What draws you to the Amazing Jane brand?

The ethos and vision of the brand is something all women should be able to relate to, strong women raise strong women.

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