Expressive. Elevated. Empowered. We all deserve to feel this, but at various stages of our life we can lose our way mentally and physically. One stage of life that can see immense changes and that is especially poignant with our community of women is when the menopause hits.

Everyone experiences the menopause differently, a completely natural stage of life, it usually occurs around the age of 45 and 55, but it can happen earlier or later. Symptoms can vary and some women may notice little impact on their daily life, symptoms can include hot flushes, mood changes, weight gain, chills and sleep disturbances.

It has been highlighted that regular exercise can help you manage some of the physical changes that happen in your body at this time. We all know the benefits of exercise and it is crucial to continue the fitness journey to help to maintain a healthy weight, relieve stress and improve the quality of life during this stage of life.

As our bodies go through menopause, our bone density changes considerably, which can lead to osteoporosis. Remaining active helps keep our bones strong and maintain our balance, therefore allowing us to remain mobile and reducing the risk of injury.

We are all too aware that a big part of remaining active is feeling good in the clothes we wear when exercising. We want woman to feel amazing, but during the menopause our bodies change and that's why well designed and fitted activewear is paramount.

Our innovative women’s activewear collection has helped thousands of women to gain confidence when working out. The collection embodies the ethos of owners Claire and Deb who launched Amazing Jane to empower women to lead healthy, active lifestyles through the power of clothing using the science of Enclothed Cognition.

We use the science of Enclothed Cognition and our combined years of experience of working with women to create each individual design from scratch, to ensure a great fit for all our body types and our ever-changing bodies as women. Each item is created to build confidence in women and to encourage women to get into the right mindset for being active (which can often be the biggest hurdle) whilst building confidence in both how you look and feel.

We are a brand transforming the fitness industry with our ethos dedicated to empowering women to lead healthy, active lifestyles through the power of clothing. Y

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