Getting Your Size Right

We know how hard it can be to buy online! What size do I buy? Will their clothes fit me right? We put this size guide together to help you select the right size on your first order, or a brand new item.

We design each item individually to address which we tend to prefer to cover. We aim to cut each item to fit corrently where it needs to, for exampe across the neckline, under the arms, and across the chest.

Our leggings are high compression and meant to be snug. However, we have two types of leggings. Wonder Leggings and Rise Leggings.

Us ladies all carry weight in different areas, or have areas which we aren't as happy with as we used to be. This will determines which leggings you might prefer.

WONDER Leggings: One leg seam, high waisted, waist pocket, super smoothing and flattering. A great shape for all women, and a great choice if you carry weight on your lower tummy.

RISE Leggings: Multiple seams including tummy and bottom, high leg pocket, waist pocket, smoothing, and flattering.

Our general rule at Amazing Jane Activewear, is that if you are inbetween sizes... size down. Most of our individual products have a size guide image on their own page. You can also contact Claire and Deb at with any questions