We are Ann and Jacki.

We met in 2014, when Ann was in her 40’s and Jacki in her 30’s, and bonded over our mutual love and passion for Zumba. We both had families of our own and lived over 4000 miles away from each other.

After many years of close friendship, we realised in 2019, that our feelings went so much deeper, and without even knowing it we had actually loved each other all along.

From that day everything changed and in the coming months we both had to make incredible sacrifices, but ultimately we chose each other, and happiness and love. Through the pandemic, and us having to unpick our old lives and restart again, we survived the distance between Oklahoma in the USA and Poole in England.

In 2021 after a lengthy visa process Ann was granted permission to move and came and joined Jacki and her small children in Dorset. We were married, bought a house and we are just starting the beginning of our happy ever after together.

#showupasyouare to us means being brave, and strong, and true to who you are. It means loving yourself physically, mentally, intimately, as you are, right now. And letting love in, no matter what form it takes. 

If we hadn't then we never would have allowed  and experienced ourselves, a happiness that we didn't even realise was out there for us.

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