Welcome to Amazing Jane Activewear

We know that women have a tendency to put themselves at the bottom of their priority list; we know that too many women have low self esteem, don’t like how they look, but the fear of stepping outside their comfort zone can be too much.

We know that exercise helps women feel great about themselves, it helps mental health, it helps weight control. But what if you don’t like how you look BEFORE taking that next step?!

We adopted the hashtag #showupasyouare to tell women everywhere, that you are AMAZING as you are! You do not have to be anything other than yourself!.

Meet Claire and Deb

Amazing Jane, or AJ as we call it, given that we say it at least 14,000 time a day, was originally created in 2013. We were working with hundreds of women every week, both in Deb's award winning, ladies only gym, and Claire's thriving community fitness business. We'd see women come to our classes; self concious, lacking in confidence, and mostly throwing on anything they could to cover up their body.

We absolutely knew the key to more women being active, and reaping the benefits of it, was to get their confidence up in how they looked.

We dabbled, and faffed around for a good few years. We kept hitting hurdles of needing more money, or manufacturing issues.

2021 saw us follow our passion and find a way to make AJ what we envisaged.

We found a great manufacturing option, and now we work with them to create each item of clothing that we sell. We work in a specific way, around the areas women hide, and where they want to enhance; ultimately to make clothes that make women feel “AMAZING”, before they even step foot in to the exercise arena.

We might only be a start up, but the response to Amazing Jane has been brilliant.

Thanks for being part of the journey. We won't let you down.

Claire and Deb xx

The Science: Enclothed Cognition

At Amazing Jane, we work with the science of Enclothed Cognition; meaning Amazing Jane focuses on empowering and supporting women to lead active and healthy lifestyles through the power of clothing and its deeper psychology of making women feel good about their bodies.

This psychology is linked to the way clothing influences our mind and is seen as a form of expression. Dressing in a certain way has been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on emotional well-being. The science behind this is termed “enclothedcognition”; coined by psychologists Hajo Adam and Adam Galinksy who discovered how clothing can enhance your psychological state and improve self-confidence and performance.

The ethos of Amazing Jane is to empower women to lead healthy, active lifestyles by using the power of clothing to encourage women to get into the right mindset for being active - which can often be the biggest hurdle.