Welcome to Amazing Jane Activewear

Amazing jane Activewear combines functionality & support with a fit designed to boost your confidence. 

We understand, as women, that there are parts of our body which we aren’t always friends with, and don’t always want on show. We design with these areas in mind, to create activewear which covers, supports, and flatters your body.  

Life may be throwing changes at you, but Amazing Jane has you covered! 

Meet Claire and Deb

We're Claire (left) and Deb (right).

We are Amazing Jane Activewear.

We relaunched Amazing Jane in 2020, as you do in the middle of a pandemic! What you might not know, is that we actually started Amazing Jane in 2013!

For 7 years, we'd been talking about making clothes which would make a difference to the way women felt about themselves. Clothes that would give them confidence, and something they would be proud to wear, instead of using to hide behind.

Our all woman design team are in the UK, and we manufacture both here, and overseas dpending on the fabric we choose.

The Science: Enclothed Cognition

The ethos of Amazing Jane is to encourage women to get into the right mindset for being active - which can often be the biggest hurdle. We do this through the psychology of Enclothed Cognition. 

This psychology is linked to the way clothing influences our mind. Wearing certain clothes has been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on your self-confidence & emotional well-being. 

When you feel positive about yourself, you are capable of positive things. 

Life is too short to be a plain jane. 

Find your fit with us, show up as you are and be Amazing Jane.

How We Work

We work closely with our all woman, design team here in the UK, to develop each garment from scratch.

We put potential fabrics through rigourous testing, to ensure words like "cling" are not words we use.

Combining year round staple items, with seasonal colours, we create each range to have more uses than just in the gym. Amazing Jane is perfect for most types of exercise, coffee with friends, travel wear, and everyday use.