If we asked you your shoe size, no doubt you'd just answer.

No problem. No hesitating. No association with your body image. No self-judgement.

If we asked you your clothes size, would you react in the same way?

For the majority of women, the answer is no.

So, let's just break this down a little.

When we shop for shoes, we have a size that points us to the right section for shoes that will most likely fit us. It narrows down our search - that's the sole purpose.

So why can't we view our clothes size in the same way?

Even if our clothes size goes up and down - so what?

If we could begin to see the size number as just that, a number that helps to navigate us to the size of garment that will fit us best, might that help to relieve us of some of the negativity we pour on ourselves far too often?

Now you might be digesting this thinking, "maybe I'm just not unhappy with my feet in the way that I am my body”.

Well, we would imagine most of us are happy with our feet, so let’s take that as a given.

But what would you do if you tried on your "normal" size in a pair of kick ass heels that you loved, but the shoes were too small?

You'd try them on in the next size up and if they fit, you'd buy them.

There would be no negativity attached to it.

They were too small - so you bought the next size up. Simples.

Now, your feet hadn't grown so it's obviously just the way the shoes were made.

And that is our point!

Clothes in every shop are made to those particular shops scale - so even if 10 shops all used the same design, that item would fit differently in every shop.

You could walk 2 minutes between each shop trying on the same design and it would fit or not fit or kind of fit differently in every shop.

You didn't change size between shops - the item changed size.

That's why at Amazing Jane, we don't label our clothes small or large or extra large.

We don't believe the label in an item of clothing should define you, put you in box or create a negativity around how you view yourself.

Our clothes have a number, and that number is a guide only. A guide to direct you to a garment that will most likely fit you.

If you are ever unsure about our sizing or want to know about the fit of an item, you can check our photo reviews or contact us. We are a friendly bunch and our sole aim is to help you find the right fit for you, so we are always happy to help.

Now, go forth and shop with a new found "screw you size label" attitude!


Love from


The Amazing Jane Team x

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