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We'd love to introduce you to Elaine Parker, who is the CEO of multi award winning App Safer Date, the only dating app which carries out real time, biometric I.D checks to eliminate fake profiles, catfish & scam accounts from the very start.

After meeting Elaine at a local event, we knew we needed to work with her.
  Meet Elaine...
  "I set up Safer Date following my own personal experience at the hands of a monster who put me through months of domestic abuse, sexual assault, stalking and harassment.
 It is now my life's mission to protect people around the world from online predators.
 Women's safety is a huge issue, and we all need to work together on this.
Amazing Jane and Safer Date is a perfect collaboration - women coming together to support each other and to protect others - and I'm so excited for what the future holds".
 5 Questions with Elaine Parker
 What does your version of active look like?
To be honest, I’ve really put my health at the bottom of the list over the last few years. Life scars, menopause and weight gain have forced me into an unhealthy spiral but I’ve started 2023 by giving myself a swift kick up the butt! Active to me is exercise every single day. Getting up early to take the dogs for a long walk in the morning, and another form of exercise in the evening. Whether that’s something to raise your heart rate or something more gentle like Pilates – anything to keep the body moving and undo all the sitting at my desk throughout the day.
Where do you rank on your priority list and why?
I have put myself at the very bottom of the priority list for too long. My family will always be at the top of the list for me, but I need to learn to balance work commitments and my own health too. I’m no good to anyone if I don’t look after my own health and wellbeing. 2023 is definitely a year for big changes for me. 
Give us a positive and negative of getting older.
A positive is definitely knowledge/wisdom! Every day is a school day – especially for an entrepreneur – and I have learned so much. A negative is definitely menopause which plays havoc with your body and makes the learning so much harder due to the brain fog (not to mention the added weight gain).
What challenges do you face when trying to remain active?
I have a few challenges to overcome. One huge challenge is a lack of time. Running and scaling a business takes so much time, seven days a week. It’s so easy to get caught up in it and not make time for exercise. Secondly, I have long-standing back and hip issues since tearing the ligaments in my back. This can really set me back when it flares up, but I need to learn alternative exercises that don’t aggravate this injury, but which keep me active.
What draws you to the Amazing Jane brand?
Everything! The first time I met Claire and Debra, it was so clear to see that they are very passionate about what they do and are both genuinely lovely human beings! Their TrackHer leggings to keep women safe are so aligned with the values of Safer Date and I just knew we’d end up working together. Their activewear is also all about giving women confidence, no matter what their body shape, which is something I really need help with. I have quite a few AJ pieces in my wardrobe now, and will definitely be adding more.   

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