Do you love leggings? Leggings - what's not to love!


The last few years have brought about an unprecedented change in how women dress. The work from home/lockdown period saw us ditching dress clothes & heels, in favour of slouchy tops & stretchy leggings.

 We love it! We're here for it!

 So much so, that it has now become the 'norm' for us to don our leggings morning, noon & night.

Why? because they are just so comfortable & practical. You can school run in them, housework, coffee, shop, gym, walk, work & sit around in them.

But why leggings and not, let's say, joggers?

Thinking about joggers conjures up thoughts of lounging on the sofa with a good movie.It also conjures up thoughts of baggy knees and saggy bums as they never hold their shape do they?!

 We love leggings because, unlike joggers, leggings actually make you feel good about yourself.

 Get the right fit & your leggings can flatter your shape, smooth out your lumps & bumps & hold you in, all whilst making you feel feminine & boosting your confidence.

 Did you know, wearing your leggings can actually make you more inclined to increase your activity? It's a proven science called Enclothed Condition. Basically, a fancy way of saying that what you wear can influence your mind. Wearing certain clothes has been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on your self confidence. When you feel positive about yourself, you carry out positive actions.

Try this... picture yourself in an oversized tee and a pair of baggy joggers. Think about what wearing that outfit makes you feel like doing.

Now picture yourself in a pair of amazing leggings that make you feel confident and feminine. They are super comfortable but at the same time, you feel held in & smoothed out... now what do you feel like doing?

It's a different ball game isn't it!

 So, what makes the perfect pair of leggings?

Firstly, they need to be made from 360 degrees stretch fabric. This will give you maximum comfort and your leggings will retain their shape, even after hours of wearing.

They need to stay up! If your leggings ride down & constantly need adjusting, you're wearing the wrong pair!

Compression fabric is a must for tummy control, butt shaping & smoothing benefits. High quality compression fabric also aids recovery after exercise, reducing the soreness following a workout.

A good high waist will help to keep your tummy supported, and helps with feeling self concious.

POCKETS! Who doesn't love a pocket! Key, card, poo bags... it's amazing how much we rely on our leggings pockets.

Quality. A good quality pair of leggings should last you for years.

Design. Whilst you might think plain black would be the most flattering, look for designs that have been created to give the illusion of shape or length.

Remember, the more confident you feel in your leggings, the more you'll feel like moving!

We asked the women in our community why they love leggings, in particular, their Amazing Jane RISE leggings read their comments below.

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